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        ——— HOT PRODUCTS ———

        Shanghai Junwang Stainless Steel Bearings | MORE


        Supporting manufacturing through movement-related technologies in all fields...


        We are speciazed in stainless steel bearings, please check for more details...


        Large stock available!Welcome to contact us for your Inquiry!

        Shanghai Junwang Bearing Co.,Ltd

        Founded in 2005,the company is specialized in the production and sales of stainless steel bearings,ceramic bearings,plastic bearings,high temperature and non-standard customized bearings.Our bearings with registered brand "JWZC" are widely applied in food processing machinery,medical machinery,chemical machinery,as well as cleaning environmental protection machinery and electrical industries etc,winning praise from many industries.

        After over 10 years' development,the company has received quite high reputation in stainless steel bearing industries...MORE

        CONTACT US

        Address:No. 3978, Baoan Highway, Anting Town, Jiading District, Shanghai
        Website:www.fairlytea.com  www.wfbearings.com

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